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Rigaud Paris

Cypres Reed Diffuser 250ml

$85.00 USD $95.00 USD

Rigaud Paris, Cypres Home Diffuser with Reed Sticks 250 ml.

This 250 ml diffuser comes in a classic black and white octagonal glass bottle with matching black and white reed sticks. 

Cypres is a part of Rigaud's Aromatic Fragrance Family which brings the freshness of the Mediterranean forests into your home. Introduced to the White House by Jacqueline Kennedy in 1960, this is a blend of lavender, the woody, crisp notes of pine needles, and the aroma of cedar wood. This fragrance is deceivingly mild--not at all overwhelming but a lovely, elegant, fresh scent suitable for any room or occasion.

Rigaud Paris candles, diffusers and room sprays are considered by many to be the finest, most elegant, and highest quality candles and room fragrances made in the world today.

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