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Les Naturals Tart Dish Cream

$69.99 USD

Size: Diam 11.75" H. 1.5" (1.3-quart)

Tart dish for quiches and tarts in a creamy color, with handles for an easy grip. This new range of baking dishes remain loyal to Revol's spirit of optical illusions: you would swear they are silicone dishes. but they are in porcelain! The dishes in the new collection LES NATURELS are made of culinary porcelain, a noble and healthy material, moulded and glazed in REVOL's factory, in the heart of St-Uze, in France. Exquisite pies, sumptuous clafoutis, sweet or savoury cakes, moist madeleine's, airy soufflés: seven different dishes to execute delicious recipes that have a traditional feel in a high-performing material. The even baking guaranteed by the culinary porcelain of LES NATURELS will awaken your senses and exalt the flavors and colors of your dishes.

  • Impeccable baking: porcelain holds the heat, bakes evenly and maintains the temperature
  • Oven & microwave use: be creative and bake cakes, loafs, tarts, pies, flans and cobblers
  • Easy care: easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Rustic elegant French style: inspired from all the traditional French pastry molds, they will adapt to any recipe!
  • Made of culinary-grade porcelain for a 100% safe baking