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Les Naturels Rectangular Baking Pan Cream

$89.99 USD

Les Naturels are made of culinary porcelain, a noble and healthy material, moulded and glazed in REVOL's factory, in the heart of St-Uze, in France. Exquisite pies, sumptuous clafoutis, sweet or savoury cakes, moist madeleine's, airy soufflés: seven different dishes to execute delicious recipes that have a traditional feel in a high-performing material.

  • Durable and made to last with one-block handles
  • A smooth white glaze that won't flake or scratch, and more resistant than stoneware
  • Easily cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand thanks to its non-stick non-porous glaze

REVOL respects food safety standards according to regulations (n°1935/2004). REVOL culinary porcelain contains no harmful elements, and presents no risk of cadmium or lead absorption into to the food. Our products respect international food safety standards: France - NF EN 1388, 1Australia – AS-NZS 4371,Japan - JIS S 2401, USA - FDACalifornia - PROPOSITION 65, Mexican standards - NOM-010-SSA1