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Rathbones Rosemary Fougere & Camphor Scented Classic Candle Two Wick

$65.00 USD

  • Smoky, unexpected & intriguing
  • Complex top notes of rosemary and thyme with a sensual perfume of lavender, armoise & woody base notes of cedar, camphor & pine needles.
  • Two Wick Candle hand crafted in Dublin 190g. 40 Hour burn time
  • With their special formulations of wax, using beeswax and stearin, this blend gives  a clean, slower burn and yet maintained their  methods of craftsmanship such as hand-making of their candles.

John G Rathborne  founded the company in Dublin in 1488, and since then they have pioneered in the candle making. This is the world’s oldest candle company.  Over the centuries they have pioneered new techniques in candle making from their Dublin factory. 
Do not burn on or near anything that could catch fire
Imported from Dublin

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