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Panier des Sens

Provence Liquid Marseille Soap & Lotion Set

$38.00 USD

Soothing essential oil from Provence The essence of Provence, this formula consists of essential oils of lemon, artemisia and cypress. Citrus and fruity fragrances that are stimulating and reminiscent of summer.

Soothing Provence liquid marseille soap with relaxing soothing Provence oil, is made from 100% vegetable oils, this liquid soap is made in cauldrons following the purest Marseille tradition. Perfect for all the family and all types of skin
97% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 

Soothing Provence lotion, a light, universal cream, rich in Shea butter and antioxydant grape seed oil.

Includes one bottle of liquid soap 500ml and one bottle hand and body lotion 300ml 

Imported from France