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Panier des Sens

Sweet Almond Pretty Hand Manicure Set

$18.00 USD

With soothing almond extracts Enjoy the benefits of sweet almond with these two expert cares. A hand cream rich in Shea butter and a care oil to nourrish nails and gently soften dry cuticles. Ultimate beauty ritual for your hands, they are the basics for a pretty manicure. 95% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. - Nail & Cuticle Oil: 7.5ml (0.25 fl.oz) - Hand cream: 30ml (1 fl.oz.)
  • Rich in natural raw materials, essential oils, and free of paraben, aluminum, silicone, and, phenoxyethanol
  • Contains hand cream, and nail & cuticle oil
  • Perfect way to treat yourself or loved ones to perfect nails and soft hands
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