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Panier des Sens

Panier des Sens Natural Essential Oils Hand Cream Set - 6 Scents

$49.00 USD

Panier Des Sens Natural Essential Oils Hand Cream Set - 6 Scents

Set includes: Relaxing Lavender, Soothing Provence, Energizing Verbena, Firming Sea Fennel, Rejuvenating Rose and Stimulating Red Thyme.

  • 1-ounce hand creams with natural essential oils from Provence
  • 20% shea butter gives you a ultra-nourishing texture that is quickly absorbed leaving nothing but soft, supple skin, day after day.
  • A mini size, easy to put into your hand bag or to take with you on your trip to have supple and beautiful hands at any time.
  • Apply regularly from fingertips to wrists.
  • Red Thyme is no longer available, has been exchanged by other floral hand cream.
  • Made in the South of France.
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