Sweet Almond Extra Gentle  Soap Bar 5.3oz.

Sweet Almond Extra Gentle Soap Bar 5.3oz.

Panier des Sens
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Only the finest products Southern France has to offer.  Inspired by natural resources and Mediterranean know-how, the lines of body care, toiletries and perfumes from Panier des Sens magnify the beauty of Provence through elegant products, subtle textures of evocative and delicate scents. 

Experience the elegance of the Extra-Gentle  Sweet Almond Soap from Panier des Sens. Olive and sweet almond oils are infused in a lightweight soothing formula for instant softness and velvet feel.  Skin is left satin-like, delicately fragranced with the gourmand scent of Provence almonds.

  • Rich in natural raw materials, essential oils, and free of paraben, aluminum, silicone, and, phenoxyethanol
  • Allows skin to regain its softness day after day
  • Delicately scented
  • Made in France.
  • Size: 5.3 oz.