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Erbario Toscano

Noble Violet Eau De Parfum 10ml

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The Noble Violet, symbol of Spring, is the mother essence of the beautiful season. Its fresh and light fragrance gives off at first a delicate fruity bouquet with hints of citrus, followed by a prevailing floral note that perfumes the skin for a long time.

Violet was the favorite fragrance of Marie Louise, the second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Austrian sovereign who knew how to win the love and trust of her subjects ensuring them a period of peace and prosperity. She encouraged the monks of the Monastery of Annunciation to experiment extracting the scent and aroma from the Violet flower and its leaves - creating an essence identical to that of the flower.  No parabens, silicons or colorants. Made in Italy.

Top note (floral): Bergamot, Ylang-ylang.
Heart note (floral): Mimosa, Lily of the valley, Iris, Violet.
Base note (woody): Cedarwood, Vanilla.