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Nippon Kodo

Nippon Kodo JINKOH JUZAN Aloeswood 24 Sticks with Incense Holder

$18.00 USD

A valued scented wood, Jinkoh "Aloeswood", is used to make Jinkoh Juzan (Aloeswood Fortune Mountain). Jinkoh is noted as "graceful in nature, willowy in character, with a pinch of bitterness in mild taste" by old textbooks of Koh-Do (The way of incense appreciation). In Jinkoh Juzan, Aloeswood, Sandalwood, and herbal medicines are used bountifully to create an elegant and tasteful fragrance.

Key Note:
Burn Time: Approx. 13 min.
W x H x D (inch): 1  x 3 1/16 x 1
W x H x D (mm): 25 x 78 x 25