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M.S. Silver Eau de Cologne For Men Spray 50ml

$28.00 USD

Perfumery notes

M.S. Silver is a citrus-woody Eau de Cologne for men, created by the renowned ‘nose’ of Cadentia, Marc Floren, it is both sensual and refined.

Citrus-lavender top notes generously flourishing around an aromatic-floral heart with a woody-spicy base.

Top notes: Citrus, Bergamot, Mandrin, Lemon, Lavender
Middle notes: Rose, Neroli, Rosmary, Violet, Jasmine
Base notes: Moss, Amber, Benzoin, Woody musk, Patchouli, Spices

The genuine Cologne for men, sensual and refined. A fragrance with two olfactory layers. In the first smooth layer, patchouli and musk mingle with mandarins. In the second highly textured layer, wide amber chords blend in a variety of ways.

For three generations Cadentia has been creating Eau de Cologne in the South of France. The « nose » of Cadentia is dedicated to developing scents with authentic original formulas. Decades of french know-how and research go into each creation.