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Solinotes Paris

Solinotes Jasmin Eau de Parfum Roll On | Fleur de Jasmin

$12.95 USD

Solinotes Paris Eau de Parfum was born to be used alone or layered with other Solinotes fragrances to create a unique signature scent.  Mix and match with other Solinote fragrances to create your own unique blend to suit your style. Imported from France.

Jasmine flower, a romantic scent with a drop of external beauty. A sensual perfume flaunting timeless beauty.

Mix Suggestion: Jasmine + Cherry Blossom

Fragrance Notes:   

Top notes: Bergamot, white spices.

Heart notes: Jasmine, fresia, lily of the valley.

Base notes: White cedar, amber, musk.

10 ml  / 0.34 fl oz 

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