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Hillhouse Naturals

Hillhouse Naturals Scented Candle in a Tin 6 oz

$15.00 USD

Hillhouse Naturals - A Mother and Daughter Company Hello! We are Peggy Batts and Tracy Sullivan, the mother and daughter team behind Hillhouse Naturals. All of our products are made on our family farm, where we work side by side with a wonderful team of women who do everything from pouring candles to packing up orders. Whenever possible, we use local and natural ingredients - and when we say local, we really mean local...even the soy for the clean burning soy wax candles we are known for comes straight from the farm.
  • Salt & Sea is the epitome of our favorite memories: breathtaking sunsets and sand between our toes.
  • The melodic aroma of ocean air, sparkling citron, sandalwood, pink sea salt, coconut husk, and green tea leaves will instantly take you to the place where the serenity of ocean life rejuvenates you.
  • Burn time 30+ hours.
  • Made in the USA
  • Capacity: 6oz.
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