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Grace Oval Centerpiece Bowl | Blue

$54.00 USD

Decorate your home or entertain your friends and family with this contemporary centerpiece bowl from Guzzini's Grace line. This centerpiece is made of durable acrylic in a fun and modern transparent design with just a blue hint for a subtle pop of color. Featuring unique and transparent segments of varying thickness, this pattern shapes this collection's dishes designed by Pio and Tito Toso. The flow of glossy white material on the inside and transparent colors on the outside creates a unique three-color effect that is meant to stand out.

Made for inside & outside entertainment.

Dimension: 12.01 x 14.76 x 0.35 inches
Material: SMMA (acrylic)
Designer: Pio&Tito Toso
Transparent acrylic in an oval shape
Hint of blue color | Glossy white interior
Unique and transparent segments of varying thickness
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