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Esteban Paris

Magnolia Rose Perfumed Good Luck Charm

$18.00 USD

Esteban Paris floral fruity aroma with key notes of pink pepper, magnolia nectar, petals of magnolia, osmanthus, rose absolute and star ambre.

A scented ceramic Good Luck charm to refresh the air. Hang it inside a closet, from a door handle, a drawer or in a car. Size: 13 cm / 5.1 in.

For millennia, Magnolia has celebrated the dawn of a new season. Just as spring sets in, its soft pink-hearted flowers emanate fresh and sparkling notes. Inspired by this ode to nature awakening from its slumber, Magnolia Rosa bathes your home in the scent of an eternal spring, infusing your interior with a sense of radiant lightness, whatever the season.