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Serene Living

Protection Essential Oil Blend

$15.50 USD

Serene Living - Essential Oil Blend Protection 15 ml. amber bottle 100% Pure essential oil GC/MS tested. Family safe oil. 

Serene Living Essential Oil Blend Protection protect yourself against environmental threats. Keep the air clean and put your immune system on alert for better health. Exceptionally Clean Ingredients: Sweet orange, cinnamon leaf, lemon, fragonia.

100% tested, proven to be unadulterated and pure. Serene Living oils have been tested to be of therapeutic quality and are aromatically pleasing.
The purity and quality of an essential oil is determined through GC/MS testing. Serene Living have been third party tested to independently verify no adulteration. To evaluate quality, GC/MS isolates each chemical component and quantifies their percentages, establishing therapeutic benefits and their safety.
Made in the USA

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