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Kids and Toddler Sports Bowl & Utensil Set in Green

$19.99 USD

Welcome to Eat4Fun, which is more than just an hand drawn heirloom-quality line of cutlery for kids; it's the brainchild of two busy moms in search of something to make life a little easier, educational at meal time and most of all FUN! The Sports Boy DUO characters are a cleverly crafted fork and spoon that each can be separated into two pieces. When in use, the cutlery handle can be inserted back to the DUOs holder which can effectively avoid the cutlery getting in contact with the table for hygiene.
  • 18/10 hand polished stainless steel, XtraWash technolgy guarantees 500 dishwashing cycles
  • 2+ years, Unbreakable food grade ABS plastic handles,
  • Bowl is microwave safe for quick and easy warm ups and cleaning
  • Short, smooth and rounded design make for easy grip
  • BPA and phthalate free