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Dr. Vranjes Firenze

Scented Candles Gift Set of 3 | Rosso Nobile, Oud Nobile, Ginger Lime

$85.00 USD

Dr. Vranjes Firenze unique and elegant 3 candles gift set features Rosso Nobile, Oud Nobile & Ginger Lime fragrances.

Rosso Nobile, one of Dr. Vranjes' most loved fragrances, is a sublime combination between the sweet and fruity notes of grapes and berries, the soft notes of violet and magnolia, and tannin invoking birch wood. 

In the Oud Nobile ambient fragrance, the delicate Oud resin and the Middle Eastern hints of incense and myrrh, blend with the Mediterranean bergamot, creating an olfactory bridge between East and West.

Ginger Lime has an ambient fragrance with a radiant character, where the fresh citrus notes of lime meet the spicy and energizing ginger. 

Elegant Gift box with 3 candles |  80g each
Candles are made exclusively in Florence by skilled artisans, with pure essences and certified waxes.

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