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Dr. Vranjes - Oud Nobile Diffuser + Double Pack of White Sticks (3 Pieces Bundle)- Luxury Home Fragrance, Made in Italy, Main Scent: Oriental, Olfactory Pyramid: Bergamot, Oud, Myrrh

$512.00 USD

Confronting cultures through smell is considered a special gift by Maestro Paolo Vranjes. He witnessed the oud ritual in the luxurious palace of an Emir and he experienced extraordinary emotion when he breathed in the scent of the resin which burnt as a welcome to guests. He watched in wonder as people basked in the smoky scents of a wood that is deemed more precious than gold. Each space can take on a unique, enchanted and lively personality, thanks to the pure essences that arouse emotions and memories. With the Olfactory Furniture Dr. Vranjes Firenze, space becomes a sensory experience. Olfactory experiences, suggestive fragrances, precious perfumes: this is the vision of Dr. Paolo Vranjes, who prompted him to create home fragrances and personal care products. Dr. Vranjes Firenze home fragrances are fragrances made to measure to offer the most beautiful atmosphere to your favorite environments. The magic of a moment, the charm of an encounter, the beauty of a landscape, the memory of an emotion. These are the kinds of experiences and the philosophy that Dr. Vranjes fragrances inspire and bring to life. It is not simply a perfume, but a state of mind. It is not a composition of fruity or floral aromas, but an olfactory environment. “The olfactory emotions are almost never linked to a personal perfume”, explains our founder and master perfumer, Dr. Paolo Vranjes. "Much more often they are connected to the fragrance of an atmosphere, a place, a moment. They are connected to everything that has to do with observation beyond the self. "
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