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De Buyer

De Buyer Professional 20 cm Choc 5 Aluminum Non-Stick Scratch Resistant Round Frying Pan with Blue Iron Handle 8040.20

$34.95 USD

With nearly two centuries of expertise, de Buyer's mission is to provide top-quality kitchen essentials crafted with knowledge and methods passed down through generations of workers. Established for more than 180 years, de Buyer takes great pride in its "Made in France" heritage, boasting the prestigious "GUARANTEED FRENCH ORIGIN" label. Generations of workers have fine-tuned and passed along their rich, rare know-how allowing traditional methods to live on and ensuring each product is manually stamped, cut, bent, welded, and polished with the utmost care. With every product, de Buyer provides a limited 2-year manufacturer's warranty, taking great care to guarantee exceptional customer satisfaction. With its durable, scratch-resistant non-stick coating, hard ceramic bottom, and thick aluminum construction, Choc 5 cookware is a necessity in every kitchen. Crafted to possess professional quality resistance and optimized non-stick for expert food handling, the Choc 5 20 cm round frying pan was built to give every chef or baker the convenience of non-stick designed for frequent and heavy use. The frypan is ideal for rapid cooking due to the lower edges that promote evaporation, and is excellent to use when searing or caramelizing meats. With its aluminum and ceramic construction, rapid rise in temperature and uniform heat diffusion guarantee exceptional quality creations. This remarkably versatile pan includes a riveted epoxy coated blue iron handle, for a stylish yet sturdy, controlled grip that remains resistant to high temperatures. Undeformable and designed for intensive use, this pan is crafted with a high quality, guaranteed PFOA-free coating, assuring all food safe materials have been used.

  • Made in France, de Buyer food service products include a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • High end non-stick coating provides Choc cookware with extended longevity over traditional non-stick
  • Aluminum construction allow for a rapid rise in temperature and optimal heat diffusion
  • Ideal for gentle rapid cooking due to lower edges that promote evaporation
  • Crafted with high quality PFOA-free coating, assuring cookware is food safe