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Portus Cale

Copy of Portus Cale Scented 4 Wick Candle in a Porcelain Vase | Gold & Blue

$272.00 USD

A 4 Wick, hand-filled aromatic candle scented with the elegant fusion of Pink Pepper and Jasmine.

Featuring a design inspired by Portuguese tiles, with a ceramic cup and gold leaf, this exclusive 4-wick candle will bring a touch of distinctive luxury to any space. The gift of choice for all moments and celebrations. Because sophistication is worth a thousand words.

Portus Cale candles are made of a mix of vegetable wax and food-grade paraffin, all blended with fragrances that include natural essential oils. Wicks are made of cotton and paper, to provide the cleanest burn possible. Portus Cale Scented candle is a fine gift that is also an elegant decorative element. Softly fragrances spaces up creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

4 wick candle | 1400g | 49.4 oz.
Beautiful porcelain vase can be reused for flower as also as any other decorative use.

An indispensable part of their products, ceramics give shape and life to Gold & Blue. Each piece is individually created by Portuguese master ceramists, going through the same centuries-old processes (from molding to gold finishing). And, of course, we have to mention the elegant floral illustrations in shades of blue on white ceramic – a tribute to the traditional color palette of Portuguese tiles.

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