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Panier des Sens

Panier des Sens Hand Care Mini Creams in a Tin (Lavender, Provence, Rose)

$28.00 USD

Panier des Sens hand creams presents its 3 classic essential fragrances in a beautiful green tin : Lavender, Rose and Provence. A perfect gift for any occasion.  Rich formula with Shea butter and essential oils leave the skin soft and supple.

These adorable little tube designed with fresh and floral decorations are easy to put into your hand bag or to take with you on your trip to have supple and beautiful hands at any time.
Scents included: Lavender, Rose, Provence. Size: 1 fl.oz (each)

-ROSE, a draught of velvety Roses for feminity, white musks and cedarwood for a breath of fresh air and romance.
-LAVENDER, a timeless, elegant and natural fragrance. Relaxes and rests body and mind.
-PROVENCE, a precious blend of balancing essential oils with a mischievous and sparkling fragrance !

Imported from France

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