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Torchons & Bouchons

Kitchen Tea Towel Torchons & Bouchons Dubout

$18.50 USD

Torchons & Bouchons Dubout La Sieste (Cat Nap) French Printed French Kitchen Tea Towel

  • Torchons et Bouchons was born 9 years ago and specializes in the reproduction of famous wine labels and recipes on a range of tea / kitchen towels.
  • Machine washable. 100% cotton. Highly Absorbent. Whimsical Design. Ideal for the Cat Lover!
  • Made from 100% durable cotton and printed with eco-friendly water-based inks without solvents or toxic chemicals. Towels start out quite stiff--for drying the dishes, they are highly absorbent and do the job well. They get softer with multiple washings.
  • The images were originally drawn by famous French cartoonist and illustrator, Albert Dubout, the famous French cartoonist and painter.
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