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Serene House

Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Diffuser Supernova White Ceramic & Wood Base

$65.00 USD

The Scentilizer collection by Serene House, a new air care collection, promotes a serene environment through the aesthetics of sound, sight, scent, and touch.

Each Scentilizer collection generates a mist from pure essential oils to reduce the dryness of indoor air. 

Simply add water and the essential oil of your choice, turn it on, and let the cool mist relax and recharge you.

 A beautiful designed electric aromatherapy diffuser offers a new way to fill your space with the scent of our choice.  Supernova Diffuser details ceramic cover will add a sophisticated touch to any room. The Supernova features 7 rotating LED lights and runs up to 7 hours continuously or up to 14 hours intermittently. 

Height:7.60 (in)Depth:4.92 (in)

Type: Ultrasonic Diffuser

Material: Ceramic

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