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Solinotes Paris

Solinotes Perfume Book Set of 6 Roll-On (Cherry, Vanilla, Orange, White Tea, Tiare, Rose)

$58.00 USD

Solinotes Paris eau de perfume was born to be used alone or layered with other Solinotes fragrances to create a unique signature scent.  Mix and match with other Solinotes fragrances to create your own unique blend to suit your style. 

The Perfume Book, at the heart of perfume  Floral, sweet or fruity… Enjoy this best-of featuring six 10ml Roll-On fragrances. Wear them individually or combine them.

  • Set of 6 Mini Parfumes: Cherry, Vanilla, Orange, White Tea, Tiare, Rose
  • The graceful Cherry Blossom, a feminine touch with a sparkle of spring. The gorgeous Vanilla, a delicious fragrance with exotic feelings. The delicate Orange blossom, a luminous fragrance with a fresh hint. A sparkling White Tea, delicately scented with bergamot to gently awaken your senses. The heavenly Tiare flower, an exotic fragrance with scents from paradise. Revealing a romantic heart of delicate Rose and magnolia

  • 6 x 10 mL / 1.52 FL OZ 
  • France