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Clove-Tree Scented Candle 180g

$36.00 USD

Geodesis Clove-tree scented candle , spicy warm scent with an intense floral background, the clove-tree is reminiscent of the most legendary trading post, Zanzibar.

Weight: 180 g
Burning time: 50 hours

Geodesis has been renowned for its know-how that guarantees subtle fragrances and high-quality products thanks to its close collaboration with renowned perfumers for more than twenty years. Scented candles are made with a blend of very high quality vegetable and mineral waxes exclusively coming from the European Union. Its wicks are made of cotton and their metal framework contains no lead.

 Geodesis products do not contain any substances of animal origin and no products are tested on animals.

Geodesis was borned inspired by the original idea of the olfactory travel. Owners Norbert Hiblot and his wife founded Geodesis in 1996. Each fragrance evokes a plant, a flower, a fruit or a tree all associated to a region of our planet