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Erbario Toscano

Black Pepper Reed Diffuser Oil Refill 250ml

$39.00 USD

  • Heart of Black Pepper (Pepe Nero) is the result of an extensive quest for the perfect fragrance for men.
  • Black Pepper has always been recognized as the king of spices and its intense and evocative aroma radiates as soon as picked.
  • 250ml
  • Made in Italy

Sensual, mysterious and warm tones give an enjoyable sense of well-being; in reality the essence has energizing powers, toning and refreshing, along with stimulating and revitalizing properties providing a vigorous pleasurable feeling. A fragrance with an aromatic, woody and amber heart.

    Remove the cap, refill and place the sticks in the bottle. Turn the sticks frequently to renew the fragrance. No animal testing. Made in Italy.